This Week in Review

First off, Sunday’s Dynamis-Xarcabard yet again failed to put out a Valor Surcoat for me. I am a sad panda. Also our attempt to zerg the last ACP fight failed when my chainspell stun misfired. Now need to find a group for that in the not too distant future.

Beyond that, I managed to finish the Black Halo quest Monday evening. I like that WS, hehe. I went up to Fei’Yin to try it out on the pots there afterwards. As PLD/NIN, I managed to easily approach 1000 damage on each weaponskill. I tried one at 300% TP and broke 1400! I was amazed, and this will be lots of fun to mess with when farming Ro’Maeve Water, especially now that I actually bought WS gear for PLD!

Yes, you read that right: WS gear for PLD. What brought this madness on? Great Sword skill 225, more commonly known as Spinning Slash. When I was leveling, I had a rudimentary WS build (mostly swapping in Rutter Sabatons, heh) for Vorpal Blade that didn’t work that well. Now that I have Atonement, I tend to concentrate on enmity gear for WS vs. STR/whatever gear for it, so I didn’t really give much thought to picking up STR gear. However, getting a strong single-hit WS enabled me to justify buying Pallas’s Bracelets (til I can afford Alky’s), a second Ruby Ring, and when I feel like it, a STR headpiece. Major upgrades would be Hecatomb bits, but as I don’t do sky presently or camp HNMs or do Einherjar, for now, I can just AH it up. As of right now, with Hasso and a Coeurl Sub up, I have +48 STR for WS. Now to get Ground Strike and have some more fun. I want to try PLD/THF on something random with SA, but the loss of TP gain from /SAM or /WAR might suck.

Tonight’s plans as of right now are to blow through Zilart Mission 5-12 to get sky for some friends. Should be fun though an endurance battle for sure, especially 5. ZM8 with 4 may be scary.

Other than that, BRD is still stagnant at close to 71. I opted to push for sky access this week in place of exp so we could get it out of the way. Though I’m sure if I really wanted to, I could just flag up and get a party as BRD, I’m sure!

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  1. Excessivedamage 2009-05-15 @ 04:12

    If you are using SA or SATA with a 2H weapon a Brave Grip is a must Juk, for jump-up-and-down, pee-your-pants damage goodness. o.o-b

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