BRD75 and Other Miscellany

Monday’s holiday saw myself and some friends exping, quite literally, all day. I took that opportunity to burn through my remaining anniversary ring charges as Bard to get even closer to 75. By the time we broke around 6pm, after nearly 7 hours of my crazy pulling, I was within about 8k of 75. Upon returning home after eating dinner out with the family for my birthday, I went and tried out BRD/NIN vs. Lesser Colibri outside Whitegate. Seemed to work rather well, and got me a little closer.

As my campaign medal had expired, I went to the past and did a few battles to get closer, then Tuesday night, I did two more battles to get over the threshold, a mere 157 exp into the level.

After that, I joked to a friend that I joined the “your other jobs are no longer relevant” club. How true that premonition will be remains to be seen.

I took the time then to flag the Mordant Rime quest then proceeded to finish breaking the latent on the Sword of Trials so I could get Ground Strike. Took out the NM easily as a trio, then I had to go log out at the Hieroglyphics in Valkurm for Dynamis on Wednesday, so I didn’t get a chance to try the WS out until after Dynamis. I was disappointed when Spinning Slash outdid it handily. Oh well, one more quested WS down.

Last night saw the first run for our new Sky LS, ShadowMirror! Considering it was the first night, we actually did quite well, and we have enough members to split into two teams. Looking forward to the next run on Tuesday. As we had tanks and RDMs, I showed up as Bard and managed to delevel twice, lol. I have a bit of a buffer now, though, which will increase in size by a large amount tonight, assuming I can keep my finger off the “Limit Points” button, heh.

For now, I need to plan out what the next job to 75 will be once I finish meriting my existing 75s (which should be trivial with BRD at 75). I’m thinking Dark Knight to add a melee DD to my repertoire, then Black Mage to add a ranged DD. At that point I’ll probably stop, as I’ll have a “perfect” spread of jobs: Red Mage (healer, support, tank), Paladin (tank), Bard (support), Dark Knight (melee DD), Black Mage (ranged DD).

I’m glad I enjoy pulling as Bard, as being the healer Bard is incredibly boring in a good party. It’s quite amusing that I can get nearly 400 MP as BRD/WHM with the random MP gear I’ve picked up over the years.

But for now, I’ll decide what to do about the incredible backlog of merit points I need before I level another job all the way.

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