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I did it!

And here’s the job list, BRD is next I hope!
Job List!

Tomorrow: Merit Party on RDM!

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PLD is now approximately 8000 exp to 75. Sad to say, since hitting 74, most of the exp has come from Campaign Battles. I’ve been either getting invites to parties below the level I wanted to sync to or invites to horrid parties. Fortunately for me, Garlaige Citadel [S] has been Beastmen controlled this week, so I can have fun hitting the Fortifications while running around the house doing things, then when I feel like it, picking off Imps or Yagudo to solo. PLD/DNC is quite strong in Campaign, heh. One battle netted me 4900 exp!

Needless to say, if I don’t end up hitting 75 through Garlaige battles before I head home, I’m gonna flag and say I’ll sync 60+. Fortunately, it won’t be too much exp to finish it off, so I can get a decent buffer too.

Sunday is Dynamis-Beaucedine, so I may end up with my first piece of Paladin Relic not long after hitting 75!

Next project: Finishing Red Mage and Paladin merits.
Project after: Dark Knight to 75!

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It’s been a while since I posted here, hasn’t it? In the time since then, Paladin is now on the home stretch to 75, having hit 72 last night. Joyeuse makes a huge difference in exp parties. I’ve also decided to make proper gear-swap macros for the job too, so I blink on most actions now. Hope the healers don’t hate me! I need to try out PLD/DNC in Campaign with my haste gear now, hehe.

I’ve also been leveling Bard in a set party with some friends. Basic setup is 2 Bards (I’m the puller as BRD/NIN), a Ninja “tank,” Samurai DD, and Scholar healer, and we pick up a second DD. I say “tank” because I pull like it’s a merit party and the Samurai has excellent gear, so the Ninja has trouble tanking. It’s worked quite well, but we’ve hit a plateau at 60 as the others in the set need to make money for vital gears and they want to work on Promathia missions so they can sell 40 and 50 gear. It’s not a big deal for me to help with that as the missions aren’t terribly difficult, especially since I mostly remember them all.

A while back, I killed a few Genbus with linkshell friends and he dropped Martial Hands, and as Paladin was in the 40s at the time, I decided to lot the abjuration. Well, last night I decided it was time to get me some Koenig Handschuhs, even though they really only see their place in a Rampart macro or for Sambas with /DNC these days. Can’t wait to be able to equip what was once “the” hand piece for endgame Paladins.

Dynamis is going great! I joined up with Calm at the start of October, and since have felled Dynamis Lord twice, full-cleared San d’Oria, Bastok, and Windurst, easily cleared Valkurm, Buburimu, and Qufim, and died many times having a ball in Tavnazia. Tonight is Jeuno, so we will see if we can full-clear that! Most exciting for me is the ability to actually go for AF again. I’ve been sitting 4/5 on Red Mage AF for quite some time, and with Paladin approaching those levels, things will become interesting! I am going to try to hit 75 by Sunday so I can go for Valor Surcoat in Xarcabard, and if things go right, I should be able to. I’ve been managing a level an exp session (or at least very close to it), so with Thursday night, Friday all-night, and Saturday morning/evening free, I should be able to!

Needless to say, moving to Phoenix has been awesome for me. I’m no longer tied down by old ties to Ragnarok’s endgame drama, nor am I tied to wandering Seraph wondering just what I want to do.


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