Month: July 2009

Chasing Ghosts

When I quit FFXI “never to return” three years and one month ago, I thought that if I ever returned, I wouldn’t do endgame of any sort. That held true for a few months after I opted to play more towards the end of 2006, did some endgame with the new version of my old…

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DORP! (aka Dynamis-Xarcabard)

PLD hit 75 on January 30. Today I acquired the last piece of Relic Armor. 6 months is pretty fast for that, heh. Now to hope I can get the Valor Cape in less time than nearly 2 years like a friend of mine had to wait.

Overdue Update

Since the last update, my DRK is now 62, hitting that last night. Unfortunately, thanks to Level Sync, I didn’t get Guillotine until last night’s party, and I think I’m in love, lol. As soon as I hit 200 skill, when I had TP I threw on Souleater and Last Resort and tossed out one…

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