Month: February 2009

PLD EXP Gear Mini-Guide!

NB: This is a work-in-progress and will likely have more additions throughout the next few days.
NB2: This isn’t really a “mini-guide” now that I look at it.
NB3: This is merely my opinion and not canon. Please do not repost it anywhere.

Paladin is a rather gear-intensive job if played right, like most other jobs. Its primary role is main tank in the average party, so it should be geared to maintain hate without being too much of an MP sink. The traditional way to do this was to stack defense, VIT, and HP to prolong its survival while working to mitigate damage. While this worked to a degree, it sacrificed offensive capabilities for defense. While one would think that a tank would want to be purely defensive, and it certainly makes sense, these days pure defense isn’t the better way to go.

RDM Group 1 Ponderings

Most people who’ve leveled Red Mage in the past 2 years have heard of Avesta, often due to people half-jokingly telling them to go do what he does. I have based my merit point plan on his due to wanting to solo stuff at some point as well. If you look at his page, he…

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