This blog is an account of adventures in Final Fantasy XI, World of Warcraft, and Final Fantasy XIV.

It was started in March 2008 by Jukor of the FFXI server Phoenix, who later went on to play WoW for a period of time before going back to FFXI for a bit. In early 2012, they began to play FFXIV earning Legacy status before burning out around Gladiator 36, upon which time they went back to FFXI. Later in that summer they gave Guild Wars 2 a try but burned out quickly due to the faster pace their guildmates leveled at, so back to FFXI it was for the Nth time.

Then soon after 2013 ticked over, they found himself in the closed beta for A Realm Reborn. The limited availability of the first and second phase left a huge void that they filled with TERA, but the combat system in it was too action-based for someone used to slower games, so once again, they went back to FFXI.

By the time ARR Beta Phase 3 came around, they had decided that would be the game for him, so the XI account got cancelled. They started ARR service on Sargatanas and was in a now-defunct Free Company called “Calm” with friends of theirs. However, the game became stale and they and another friend left for different games. The story does not stop here, though…

Lodestone profile: Jukor Haskell

Eventually, they returned to Excalibur and the Free Company spawned from the linkshell he was in in 1.0: Wolfpack.

Wolfpack’s site, which they help manage, can be found at http://wolfpackfc.net/.

Their WoW character currently resides on Trollbane (Horde), their FFXI on Phoenix, and those and all other game accounts are on hiatus.

Guildwork profile: https://guildwork.com/users/jukor

Discord ID: Jukor#7018

[Behind the Character]
Name: Juniper H.
Age: 37

Location: Lilburn, GA, USA (Suburban Atlanta)
Notable Info: Played FFXI off and on from February 2004 until August 2013, moderately intellectual, mostly socially withdrawn, though somewhat friendly.

Hobbies outside of FFXI include amateur radio, general gaming, computer tomfoolery (mostly with UNIX), driving (when the price of gas permits), and anime/manga.

A bit of a stereotypical geek as it were. But, that is the badge I wear proudly.
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