Month: March 2012

The Beast Within

This week I paid for two Fell Cleave parties to get my Blue Mage from 30 to 99, so I have quite a bit of catching up to do for spells and skills. I had enough merits stored after the second FC to max Assimilation, so I will be able to easily set desirable traits…

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Current Leveling Priorities!

The time has arrived for me to get down to business and actually level stuff up. Since completing the Level 99 Limit Break quest, I have a need to sit down and get both “main” jobs and “support” jobs up to snuff. First priority is to get Red Mage to 99, followed by DRK to…

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Magians and Miscellany

The Magian Moogles are going to see a lot of me as things progress. Between getting my AF3 and some AF2 upgraded, I am working on a few weapons for various purposes: a STR Shikargar for my eventual Almace offhand, Almace itself, the Occasionally Attacks Twice Fulgurante, the Occasionally Attacks 2 to 4 Times Ogresse,…

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