Month: December 2009

2009’s FFXI 10大ニュース (Big 10 News)

Last year, JPButton asked FFXI players to submit their 「10大ニュース」”10-Dai News” or “Big 10 News” of the previous year. I didn’t do this last year and was looking forward to contributing this year, but Elmer and Corinth didn’t post an official post about it. … I’ll list mine anyway. Quoting Elmer’s post from last year:…

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Set Parties and Level Sync

One common thought on leveling jobs up is to use a “set” or “static” party. I find this to be the most efficient, provided the group can meet more than one or two days per week, since the time spent finding members is removed completely if the set is six members. Additionally, knowing who the…

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