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Back in Eorzea

I’d toyed with reactivating my FFXIV account after reading about the additions in 2.2 and how the game is starting to have more content. However, I decided that if I were to do this, it wouldn’t be on Sargatanas. Sure, my old friends from Ragnarok FFXI are there, and if I really wanted to, I…

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New Year, New Goals, and a Beta?

It’s been a while since I blogged here, hasn’t it? Since last July, I’ve waffled between FFXI, FFXIV, and Guild Wars 2, which I picked up on release date. GW2 was fun at the start and I actually enjoyed doing some PvP as a Guardian. I quickly got a little tired of it, however, once…

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Vana’diel to Eorzea and Back Again

Apologies to J. R. R. Tolkien for mangling “There and Back Again” for this post’s title. By the end of March, after a few weeks of slogging through Vana’diel mostly on my own or with a couple of friends, relegated to being RDM or a rather gimp non-relic DRK, later on a very underequipped, underskilled,…

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