Transitioning: Vana’diel to Eorzea and Beyond

Well, it’s been quite a while since I posted here! In the past, oh, 8 months or so since my last post, I played through the FF14 beta phases and did some goofing off in FF11 between them, all leading up to the release of FF14, which I jumped into with both feet.

I ended up getting my Paladin to 50 within a week or so, saw my name in the credits, and started the arduous “token grind” to get endgame gear. While waiting on a friend’s Scholar to hit 50, I leveled Fisher to 50 over a weekend, and soon after that the grind began in earnest. However, after fitting myself with full Darklight and a +1 relic, I hit a wall and really didn’t know what to do, so I took some time off from the game, popping in if people needed things tanked or to level Miner more.

But all this is done now. A friend asked if I wanted to run Bahamut’s Coil in a set party, so I said I did. Sadly, the second week things went sour, and myself and a friend have all but quit the game.

Which leads us to where things began with in the first place for me: Phantasy Star. I was looking for a new game to play, and discovery of the English patches for PSO2 got me to log back in to the account I set up to attempt to slog through with my very limited Japanese reading ability.

It’s actually very fun! I think it’s nostalgia right now, but I’m really not minding the grind. Plus, the fact that most of the characters are voiced by anime voice actors is nerdishly fun.

I’m on Ship 02, and the “About” page will have my character info there. Hope to see you there!

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