Back in Eorzea

I’d toyed with reactivating my FFXIV account after reading about the additions in 2.2 and how the game is starting to have more content. However, I decided that if I were to do this, it wouldn’t be on Sargatanas.

Sure, my old friends from Ragnarok FFXI are there, and if I really wanted to, I could raid with them, but that really isn’t one of my in-game goals. Even in WoW I was very “eh” about raiding because of the negative effect on myself when I was in hardcore mode in XI years ago.

So a month or so ago I decided to transfer to Ultros, as an old friend from Phoenix XI and the linkshell we were in together was there, but it seemed a large majority of them had quit, so I laid low, unlocked Crystal Tower, all the new dungeons, and basically got myself set where I could begin playing catch-up before deciding “maybe the LS I was in in 1.0 is still active.” This lead to transferring to Excalibur, where I played in 1.0, and applying to the Free Company the LS evolved into. I logged in the following day and was in.

So far it’s been a good ride. I managed to catch the story up, do some CT runs, and basically math out just how to get myself in full Mythology Tome equipment so that, maybe, if enough people are there, I can actually run Coil properly.

I’m glad that the FC has some very helpful and friendly people that, despite not needing any drops directly, don’t mind helping out. It’s nice to be in a casual environment that doesn’t put unnecessary pressure on the members to gear up with the latest things.

Now if I’ll just update this more often!

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