Vana’diel to Eorzea and Back Again

Apologies to J. R. R. Tolkien for mangling “There and Back Again” for this post’s title.

By the end of March, after a few weeks of slogging through Vana’diel mostly on my own or with a couple of friends, relegated to being RDM or a rather gimp non-relic DRK, later on a very underequipped, underskilled, and missing-many-spells BLU, I decided that I wouldn’t log in for a bit. I played other games through April, including The Old Republic, which while fun was plagued by a very low population and a rather unexciting battle system.

I decided to go back to Eorzea and give it an actual shot. I had been somewhat having fun but by the end of May, my life clock rolled over to the thirtieth year, and my mood returned to the general doldrums I’d been in since January.

Then an old friend of mine from high school told me exactly what I’d needed to hear, and I returned to the perpetually happy person I had been years before. I proceeded through in Eorzea, acquiring Paladin and basically having a good time, but I still read the information on BG from Vana’diel and wondered if maybe I wanted to go back.

Finally, a friend linked me an interesting character that was being sold: it was her old linkshell leader. I inquired as to where she was hanging out now, and by this point I’d read Prothescar’s BLU guides on FFXIAH‘s BLU forum and thought “Why the hell not?”

I joined up with ProjectVoid, and so far I’m having a good time. It’s a good group of long-time players like myself, and I feel like I fit in somewhat.

Anyway, it’s time for “what Jukor has been doing in Vana’diel since returning!”

BLU lacks 26 spells and has all the proper “solo” spells for /NIN and /RDM both as well as for /DNC. I need to get /WAR to 49 so I can abuse BLU/WAR and for DRK as well. Finally on the support job front I need to get SCH to 49 for RDM. I’m working on building out Charged Whisker, but until I get my AF3 hands and feet to at least +1 I’m not sure how my numbers will be.

Magian trials are progressing very slowly. I finally got the 15 Light Geodes for Surya’s Staff +2 last night, picked up another Side-sword to make the AGI Shikargar, and my STR Shikargar is stillborn as I need to round up a bunch of Aquans on a Firesday in the future. Almace is on Ratatoskr, so I’ve still got a ways to go.

I compiled a list of what +1, +2, and accessories I need for my jobs and the list is staggering. I should level another job to 99, but until I get my existing 90+ jobs finished out equipment-wise, not to mention merits, I shouldn’t try to equip something else.

Until next time!

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