Salvage, Avatars, and Expensive Whiteboxes

I really should make it a point to update this at least once per week. Trying slightly to improve on that.

First off, last Saturday’s Salvage run netted me some new shinies. I am now 4/15 on Ares! Deimos’s Leggings and Phobos’s Cuisses dropped, and I won the lot on both. Now I just need the 25 for the feet and I’ll have myself a pair of Ares’s Sollerets!

Immediately afterwards, I saw a shout in Whitegate for Waking Dreams (the Diabolos prime fight) that needed a RDM/DRK. Offered my services, and not too long afterwards, I was sitting in West Sarutabaruta with my new avatar. Took me long enough to get that, as I flagged the quest in… early 2006, heh.

The next morning, I participated in my linkshell’s Sunday event for the first time. I forced myself to wake up because they were doing one of my most hated pop NMs, Alastor Antlion. I am now the owner of a pair of Rostrum Pumps for my Bard. Dynamis was afterwards, and we did Jeuno. Full cleared with just under 3 minutes to spare!

Monday night saw the linkshell fell Overlord Bakgodek, granting me yet another new title: Overlord Overthrower. Afterwards I got help from linkshell members to defeat Fenrir Prime finally as well. He went down signicantly faster than I was expected. I can now be That Guy(TM) in the Dunes with all the avatars! Just need to get a few more spirit pacts and I’ll be set to level it to 37 or higher.

Wednesday’s Dynamis was Buburimu. I didn’t expect to get anything, so when we accidentally linked a significant portion of the ravens, effectively recreating Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, and Valor Gauntlets -1 dropped, I decided to spend some points on it. While this will preclude me from being able to store the set when my surcoat finally drops, it will allow me to use a much more aesthetically pleasing item for JAs (vs. Iron Ram Dastanas), as it has Enmity+4. Now I just need to get 28 more Ordelle Bronzepieces and I can upgrade it. Guess I’ll be patient.

I got my security token a week or so ago as well and I absolutely love it. The extra inventory from the satchel helps tons for random items I may need at a moment’s notice. Now I just need to get a few stacks of cheap accuracy food to keep in it for emergencies.

I spent a few hours in Kuftal and the Boyahda Tree working the latent on the Club of Trials. Ended up breaking it last night while doing Fields of Valor in Cape Teriggan, so I went back to Windurst to get the Map to the Annals of Truth. Time to smack down a pot in Ro’Maeve, heh.

But that’s all for now. Hopefully my set party will exp tonight. Bard needs 75 badly!

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