Fun with Ancient Beastcoins

After Dynamis last night, I went to Rolanberry Fields to bazaar the currency I got, and while I was there, I perused some of the other bazaars to see what I could find. One person had a stack of Ancient Beastcoins for 7300g/ea. As I’ve accumulated a decent sum of gil in the past few weeks, I decided I’d quit being cheap and bought the 55 coins I needed to get my Loquacious Earring. I did a few tests as Red Mage with Utsusemi to see if I could justify retaining my Dusk Ledelsens. Determining that with the Loquac. Earring, the only way to further lessen my recast time is to have a Bard with double March on me, I listed the ledelsens on the AH.

While this may come back to haunt me as Paladin, I can always just farm up some Zeni and pop Armed Gears or Achamoth in an attempt to get Aurum Sabatons to tide me over until I can get Homam Gambieras and/or Boxer’s Mantle. For now I prefer to use Gallant Leggings +1 for both Ichi and Ni in the vain hope that a little bit more shield skill will let me block attacks while casting. I’m still keeping my Dusk Gloves though.

So this brings me to needing 225 more Ancient Beastcoins to get Boxer’s Mantle and Brutal and Musical Earrings. I’m thinking I’ll get Boxer’s next, then Musical, then finally Brutal. Brutal last may be madness, but I already use Joyeuse on Red Mage and Paladin, so the extra DA from it will slightly distill Joyeuse’s already huge DA rate. I will be sure to have it before DRK hits 75, however.

To me, the best thing about the Loquac. Earring isn’t the extra Fast Cast but the MP+30. As a frequently MP-starved RDM (from casting a myriad of spells in short periods of time), 30 more MP nets me almost another Refresh or Haste or Cure III, so I will relish using it and will probably full-time it and Ethereal for MND enfeebles til I can get a Communion Earring or Mamool Ja Earring or get lucky with the Ivory Key, and at that point I’ll swap Ethereal for the MND earring. I’ll continue to swap Ethereal for Moldavite for nukes, though. Losing 1 INT from my beloved Morion Earring isn’t going to hurt my nukes that much.

The worst part about getting the earring (besides expending a decent chunk of gil, heh) is that I get to modify all my macros. Fun stuff indeed. I managed to fix most of them last night, but I will definitely finish it up tonight before Sky.

I did the math on the remaining amount of coins I need, and in order to afford it right now, I’d have to sell my Peacock Charm, which is something I absolutely do not want to do. I’ll just be patient and accumulate coins from doing Limbus with my LS and money from Dynamis currency and other random drops.

But the SAM in my Friday evening set beat Maat last night, which means it’s almost Hagun Time. I get to read up on Sheep in Antlion’s Clothing strategies now for our weekly spamming of said ENM. The price of Haguns and Forager’s Mantles gives me impetus to do that ENM on a weekly basis, even after all of us get our hands on Foragers’ and Haguns. Perhaps this is the end of my money problems? Nah, still always stuff to buy.

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