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I’ve not made a real post in a couple weeks, and since I’m presently skilling Staff on the Fortifications, I figure I’d make a post.

In the past few weeks I’ve accomplished quite a bit. Most recently, I hit Floor 100 in Nyzul and got my Vorpal Sword finally on Saturday! I immediately went out after using all 4 tags to unlock Death Blossom. I quite like the WS as it’s a huge improvement over Savage Blade. Now I just need to set up a proper equipment build for it. I already finished off Atonement earlier last week and have been absolutely amazed at that WS.

I am now 3/5 on Valor Armor! Picked up the Gauntlets and Leggings in San d’Oria and Windurst in addition to finally getting Snowy Cermet from Temenos week before last and picking up Gallant Leggings +1. Shield is still not capped, however. 🙁

One treat for me was being the Paladin for Dynamis-Buburimu last Wednesday. It was certainly a change from Red Mage to say the least.

Friday night set is progressing nicely. I am very close to 68 on Bard now and have decided that since I have a Peacock Charm, I may as well level a “real” melee job, so I picked Dark Knight. I leveled it to 37 almost under duress for a support job for Red Mage, but now that I’ve actually decided to level it past 40, I’ve found it to be quite fun: it’s now 46 and on hold until a friend’s Monk catches up.

Expanding on Atonement: I pretty much classify it as “an enmity-driven weapon skill that is self-perpetuating.” Basically, as it’s quite easy to cap CE and VE, a Paladin should have little trouble capping Atonement’s damage at 750. Needless to say, Paladins are even more the Kings of Campaign with this weapon skill, and Joyeuse is even more awesome than it already was!

More testing of Death Blossom is required, but so far, I find the damage acceptable. Not like I’ve been meleeing much as RDM lately anyway.

The April update looks to be getting even better, now we’ll see if the “promised front line updates” for mages actually come to fruition.

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  1. Thank you! Took me long enough, hehe!

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