Delving into Darkness

As I mentioned in my last post, my current side project is leveling Dark Knight. I continued leveling it last night and got to 48! Life Belt time! That is, assuming I actually party at my real level instead of syncing couple down.

It’s quite fun to play a true DD after being a mage, then a tank, then support/puller. Current gear as of last night is as follows:

Raven Scythe / Brass Grip +1 / blank / Balm Sachet
Valkyrie’s Mask / Peacock Charm / Beetle Earring +1 / Beetle Earring +1
Iron Ram Chainmail / Iron Ram Mufflers / Woodsman Ring / Woodsman Ring
Jaguar Mantle / Tilt Belt / Republic Subligar / Bounding Boots

Upgrades will be Barbarian’s Scythe at 49, Swift Belt at 50 if accuracy isn’t an issue, and Life Belt when I actually party at my level again.

As current WS kinda suck, I just keep my accuracy gear on and Absorb-STR before WS if I remember (and have Refresh); I should probably drop the money for better STR rings when I get Vorpal Scythe, though.

Quite soon I’ll have the “joy” of doing Dark Knight AF, yay coffers. The actual quests don’t look too bad, though.

Also, I added my Twitter feed to the sidebar. I am “jukor” on Twitter, amazingly enough.

Let’s hope Dynamis-Qufim puts out good drops tonight!

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