Red vs. Blue (Not the Assault)

Ever since I learned way back in early 2006 that Blue Mage would have A- sword skill and access to its EX weapon skills natively, I have resented that “slap in the face” to Red Mages who like to melee. I resented it so much to the point that if a BLU were seeking party, if another option were there, I would shun the BLU. This way of thinking is probably due to the fact that BLU is an extremely popular job, and as such, tends to have less-than-skilled people playing it.

Is this a bad way of thinking? Probably. I’ve partied with BLUs, done events with BLUs, and came to the conclusion that Head Butt is the most broken spell in the game, Diamondhide is nice, but at the same time, I wouldn’t go out of my way to get one in my merit party. But a great BLU is a large asset to events such as Dynamis and Limbus, mostly due to Head Butt.

So in a huge moment of boredom, I started leveling it past the 10 it sat at for a long while. While the hardcore “flag up when not doing events” leveling of another job to 75 is presently on hold, I figure just goofing around leveling BLU in my spare time might be a useful investment.

Thus far, I’ve actually had some fun with it. I was milling around La Theine doing FoV last night when I chanced upon the FallenEgg, which I clicked and was promptly ambushed by the NM, Nihniknoovi. I was BLU15/DNC7 and had a few meds from caskets, in addition to Regen and Refresh from FoV, so I basically did Sprout Smack then alternated Head Butt and Pollen, eventually felling it and getting a Van Pendant for my troubles. I was quite surprised that I was able to solo it at such a low level.

Needless to say, while learning spells can be a bit of a pain, I’ve got some LS mates that say they’ll help if I need it, so it shouldn’t be too bad.

I’m starting to think that BLU is more of a “magic fencer” than RDM is. BLUs are actually allowed to be engaged to mobs in parties, their main source of attack comes from spells, and they have better proficiency in swords than RDMs do. That thought unnerves me slightly, but with some of the gear I have and my eventual merit layout, I should be rather effective as BLU.

If anything, by the time I am able to equip it, I should have the rank for a Perdu Hanger, Ifrit is a joke, and I may be able to score a Hofud easily. I can always solo Cheese Horder for another Beast Slayer (tossed the one I had…), and I’ll take the next Wightslayer I see drop in Nyzul.

So far, now that I’m over the hell of getting spells, I think I should have a ball with BLU. Soloing it through Fields of Valor and duoing or trioing with friends will be excellent.

Now if Cargo Crab Colin will just drop a Nadrs for me, lol.

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