Quick Update

Wow, the sky linkshell continues to rock! We felled our first Kirin on Tuesday, which is astounding. But, on to more important things…

Wednesday’s Dynamis-Valkurm gave up a Bard’s Roundlet -1, and as I had gotten the NQ version the San d’Oria the week before, I decided to pay for it. Almost immediately after the run, I had 26 1 Byne Bills in my possession, and off I went to see Sagheera in Port Jeuno. I can pick up Bard’s Roundlet +1 after Conquest Tally on Sunday!

Furthermore, I am now a sackholder of Calm Dynamis Linkshell, which is very exciting. I hope to serve the linkshell well!

Now back to seeking as DRK55.

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