New month, new server.

So, I should’ve been in bed an hour and a half ago, but I’ve decided what to do with this webspace: set up an FFXI blog. Yes, I reactivated at the behest of an RL friend a couple weeks ago. It’s mostly anti-boredom entertainment as I’m totally not going to get back into endgame. I transferred my character and mules to Phoenix from Seraph. I’m seeing a definite correlation between Phoenix and my return. Yes, it’s semantic nonsense, and I’m probably being overly dorky in realizing it, but whatever, that’s just the way I am more often than not.

Anyway, my current project is dodging meripo invites from LS people while fishing moat carp for a Lu Shang fishing rod, one of my longtime goals. My meager gil supply will run out eventually, so I might take a day off from fishing this week to farm or do an avatar tour. Either way, it’ll be a fun experiment.

With any luck, playing with RL friends will keep my attention going in the game for a while. But for now, it’s far too late, so I should sleep.

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