Merit Point Plan

In the most unprecedented event ever, last night I flagged for a merit party and actually got a good one! Managed to net 3 merits from it, bringing me to 3/5 on Convert Recast Timer. I came up with the following plan at work yesterday, and it seems to be sane:

Convert Recast: 2/5->5/5 (12)
Shield Skill: 2/4->4/4 (6)
Enfeebling Magic Skill: 3/8->8/8 (15)
Ice Magic Accuracy: 1/5->5/5 (14)
Slow II: 0/5->5/5 (22)
Bio III: 0/5->5/5 (22)
Elemental Magic Skill: 1/8->8/8 (20)
Sword Skill: 1/8->8/8 (20)
Critical Hit Rate: 1/4->4/4 (9)
Spell Interruption Rate: 1/4->4/4 (9)
MP: 1/8->8/8 (29)
STR: 0/5->5/5 (36)
Total Exp Needed: 2,140,000

Shield skill is right after maxing Convert since it’s just 6 merits, and I want them for PLD. I’m also leaving a spare 8 combat merits in case I decide to level WAR or MNK or some other heavy DD, and I’m not sure if I want to do 4 HP/4 MP or 8 MP. Overall, the amount of exp is somewhat staggering, but if I can continue to get merit parties that don’t suck, it’s quite doable.

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