A Heart Beneath a Blade, Clothed in the Light of Dawn

It’s been a couple of weeks since I wrote anything over here, so it’s time for some recap action!

I’d started work on finally finishing the Lu Shang’s Fishing Rod quest, even going so far as to compile a spreadsheet to track remaining fish, stacks of fish, and full 200-catch fishing days, but some reading about utilizing Requiescat on Red Mage lead me to the decision to finally finish up the Wings of the Goddess storyline to acquire a TP Bonus/Attack Moonshade Earring for that and many other weapon skills.

I’d postulated that with a healing job and a burst-damage job at 99, both quite sturdy in their own right, I would be able to fairly easily solo my way to the end. Excepting one open-world and one BC fight, I was able to solo them all, including the final fight. I feel proud of my ability to finish them all off so easily after being stuck at Crossroads of Time since 2009 or so. Champion of the Dawn, indeed.

In between all this, a friend of mine sent me a tell one day asking if I was interested in doing ADL. Seeing as my money supply is slowly dwindling, I asked her what times she was planning, and they were sufficiently early enough in the evening for me, so I signed up. Thus far we’ve not been able to pick the correct ADL clone, but otherwise we’re doing great! I brought my Red Mage out of retirement for this event, which is quite awesome!

Once I’d finished the WotG missions and all the cutscenes, I almost immediately suited up Ninja, bought three stacks of Inoshishinofuda, went down to Quicksand Caves, and started nuking spiders and Antica til 230-ish skill at which time I went to the Boyahda Tree to nuke Steelshells til somewhere around the old 75 cap. I was pretty close to running out of tools at that point, and it was getting late, so I headed off to bed, shelving the great skillup experiment for another day.

Well that day was the past two nights. I bought another few stacks of Inoshishinofuda and went to Abyssea-Grauberg to nuke Glen Crabs, ending up somewhere over 300 Monday night. Last night I went out there again and skilled while waiting for a LSmate to log in for Ulhudashi spam, ending up at 396 by the end of the night. I’m very close to capping, and even with uncapped skill and my totally-not-amazing gear I was able to enfeeble Ulhudashi and not get interrupted too much when recasting shadows. I think I’ll be able to easily acclimate myself to true shadow tanking after far too long. Tonight I should be able to cap Ninjutsu for sure, which will be one less skill to cap. Next up after that will be Dark Knight and Paladin’s skills. Joy. And to make matters worse, Red Mage’s still aren’t capped either! At least Blue Magic capped while I was doing WotG missions last week, heh.

But for now, it’s back to the rest of the day at the office!

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